It’s back to back in Kamariny stadium in Iten Kenya as hundreds of athletes from all over the world gathered for training on Tuesday. The stadium is well known for producing world class finest athletes in both middle to the long distant running. The former marathon world record holder Wilson Kipsang  currently  trains here; also David Rudisha, the 800 m  world record holder, Double IAAF World champion and Olympic  champion Asbel Kiprop, Marry Keitany, Edna Kiplagat, just to mention a few.

What is so special about this local dusty Stadium?
Size: The stadium is believed to be slightly over 400 m and most athletes  still believe it’s exactly 400m making them to work extra hard to run as fast as they do in other stadiums that are standard measured. For this same reason, they perform well in any race they participate wherever they go.

Altitude: Kamariny is a relatively  high altitude region therefore athletes needs to pull more effort during training hence performing incredibly well elsewhere

Location: It is strategically located in a cool and silent environment along the Great Rift Valley, the home of many Kenya’s finest athletes where there is maximum training concentration.

Team-work: athletes here works as a team helping each other to improve their training both mentally and physically

Challenges faced by athletes during training
Congestion: The stadium is usually packed to capacity by athletes from all-over Kenya not to mention the whole world. Usually the marathoners train in large multitudes hence small groups suffer due to confusion because it gets hard to smoothly follow their days program


Nature of the stadium: The stadium is muddy during rainy seasons and very dusty during dry seasons but the same the athletes still use it in training.


Wind: since it is located along the escarpment, it sometimes gets windy hence hard for the athletes to breath especially running against the wind.

This stadium is not only an asset to many athletes but also a stepping stone to success because the hardwork and determination they put during training never goes in vain. As we know hard work is the main theme to success and whatever you sow you reap accordingly.